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Conquering Jealousy

Psalms 37:4-6

What may begin as a minor comparison between our own lives and the lives of others can quickly escalate into an overwhelming mess. Jealousy is like a snowball that grows larger and larger. Its consequences are often devastating.

Confusion, anxiety, and bitterness can flood an envious heart and skew thoughts, until it’s nearly impossible to keep God’s plan in view. Instead, the focus becomes what we don’t have, taking us down the crippling path of resentment of others who do have the desired object or trait. This can dominate our thinking, leading to irrational behavior and broken relationships.

What’s more, envy dishonors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though He has a beautiful plan for each and every one of His children, jealousy says, “I deserve more than You’ve provided, and therefore, I don’t trust that You truly give me Your best.”

If you find any evidence of envy in your life, confess the comparison mindset. Recognize that you’re focusing on what God is doing in another person’s life rather than in your own. Thank Him for how He is blessing the other person, and ask Him to place love in your heart for that individual. Then refocus your attention on what the Father is doing. Finally, memorize and meditate on today’s verses.

If you’re burdened with jealousy, then you’re missing out on God’s best. Don’t wait to deal with this sin, which will fester and grow if left unattended. The One who created you and designed a good plan for your life is able to conquer jealousy in your heart.

Dr. Charles Stanley

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