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Liberty’s Mission Statement:

Liberty Academy was established in 1978 as a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  We have a rich history of academic excellence, biblical values, leadership and service, impacting lives for almost 40 years.  Liberty Academy provides a biblically-based primary and secondary education with college-oriented content in core courses.  Our objective is to enhance the development of the child in body, soul, and spirit.

To that end, Liberty Academy offers a unique educational experience that integrates both learning and faith.  It incorporates a strong curriculum that is taught solidly within the framework of the inerrant Word of God.  Our school is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of biblical values preparing students for leadership and service.

Students will not only develop their God-given intellectual abilities, but will be nurtured in their own personal relationship with God, firmly grounded in a worldview that is thoroughly biblical.  The result is a student who is not only academically prepared for college or a career of his/her choosing, but one who has also grown in Christ-likeness in order to make a positive contribution to his/her home, church, and community.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the  Student to Teacher ratio:  Our student to teacher ratio is 7.6 to 1 | Our average class size is 14 students | GRADES: K – 12 college preparatory day school.

Does Liberty have any Affiliations: Association of Christian Schools International

Do you offer honors or advanced placement (AP) courses?

What sports programs are available?
Our major sport is basketball, where our teams have been state champions, including our Lady Eagles again in 2015. We also offer limited seasons of volleyball, soccer, track and golf.  Please check out our sports page for current sport schedules, coaches, and pictures.

Lady Eagles 2017 2A State Champions

2015 2A State Champions!

2015 2A State Champions!

Is Liberty Academy accredited?
Like many Christian schools, Liberty chooses not to be federally accredited in order to maintain our independence, however many of our graduates have been accepted in schools such as Pepperdine University, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma schools of medicine, law and other graduate level programs. We are not accredited by the State of Oklahoma. We are a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Do students receive a high school diploma?
Yes. Liberty Academy closely follows state guidelines for graduation. Classes and curricula are designed to prepare graduates for college and all levels of higher education.

Are graduates of Liberty Academy accepted at accredited colleges and universities?
Yes, our graduates are well received at local, state and national colleges and universities. Graduates of Liberty Academy have attained advanced degrees in medicine, law, business, education, engineering and many other fields. We are honored to have among our graduates, MD’s, RN’s, MBA’s and other professionals.

Do graduates of Liberty Academy receive scholarships?
Approximately 25% of our graduates receive college scholarships.
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