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Liberty Preschool FAQ’s


ACADEMIC: Curriculum guides using primarily Christian publications give teachers definite planning directions.

SOCIAL: Children are taught proper behavior and interaction with other children and respect toward adults.

SPIRITUAL: Children learn about the love of God through the Word and by example.

IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: Complete records, meeting state requirements, are imperative before entering school.

DRESS CODE: Clean, neat clothing which exemplifies Christian character is required.

PARENTAL COMMITMENT: Parents should understand when enrolling their child that they are agreeing to support Biblical principles as well as policies listed in the brochure and student handbook.

WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawal-from-school process must be completed through the office.  If, after a reasonable length of time, Liberty is apparently not fulfilling the needs of the child, or if he or she is not conforming to expected behavior, the school retains the right to have the child withdraw.

MEDICAL POLICIES: Children who become ill may not remain at school. Parents will be contacted to pick him or her up. Attendance is prohibited if any of the following symptoms are present: vomiting, elevated temperature or diarrhea. A child who misses school because of a contagious disease may be required to bring a signed statement from the physician that she or he is no longer contagious.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION: Children will play outside in the play yard daily except during inclement weather. Please send adequate clothing caps, coats, etc..

A CERTIFIED COPY OF COURT ORDER is required in custody situations involving restrictions of either parent.

Every child MUST be signed in and out each day upon arrival and departure.


Any policy is subject to change at the discretion of Liberty Baptist Church.