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People Matter

One week from today I will be speaking at Liberty Baptist Church in Shawnee, OK. The title of my talk is Give Joy, Not Judgement. There are still a few details to work out, but pray with me that God will lead me and that this will be a life fulfilling and Christ powered talk to all who come through the doors. I invite all my friends and family in the area to plan to attend. I hope that members of Liberty will invite friends, family, neighbors and strangers for a time of caring about people, breaking down divides and focusing on the love the Christ commands. We don't have to ignore Christ's teaching to love the unlovable, the unchurched, the unwashed, those to seek to offend. I would love to to see the next generation of church members and young families in attendance to see what a wonderful, loving and bible believing church Liberty is. They do amazing things within the community and throughout the world through missions and actions. #peoplematter #webelieve #redeemed #holyspirit #comesasyouare

Posted by David Bailey on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Next Week – Give Joy, Not Judgement

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